Dialogue among educators: Rethinking and recreating scenarios of cooperative and inclusive learning

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This article was originally posted on  International Journal of Educational Research Open Volume 6, June 2024

Authors: Esti Amenabarro Iraola a, Gemma Riera Romero b, Mercè Juan Millera c

a University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. Donostia/San Sebastián, Spain

b University of Vic. Central University of Catalonia, Spain

c Universidad de Vic. Universidad Central de Cataluña. Vic. Catalunya, Spain

Received 4 September 2023, Revised 3 January 2024, Accepted 3 January 2024, Available online 19 January 2024, Version of Record 19 January 2024.


In addition to expanding collaborative spaces, the dialogue among teachers as a formative and innovative strategy introduces new perspectives and reshapes the underlying conceptions in existing practices by the integration of new elements. For this dialogue to be constructive, it requires proposals and strategies that support it and encourage it. In this paper, we present a collaborative methodological proposal where, through dialogue, joint analysis, and reflection on specific practices, learning scenarios are reconstructed within the framework of cooperative learning, with the aim of improving equitable participation and simultaneous interaction. The study employs a qualitative research design, centred on the interpretative paradigm, with a methodological approach aligned with the case study. Participants include teachers or professionals from different educational centers in Spain, as well as teachers from three Spanish universities. Data collection methods include participant observation, video elicitation, and focus groups. The results indicate that for the successful implementation of cooperative learning, it is crucial for teachers to establish effective dialogue through constant communication and collaboration, creating an educational environment where cooperative learning becomes a school-wide project and has a positive impact on the entire educational community. The study concludes on the importance of dialogue among teachers for planning and designing cooperative activities to promote improved student interaction and the achievement of educational objectives.

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Key Area
coperative learning
teacher collaboration

Europe & Central Asia

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