This resources catalogue, prepared by DED – Disability, Education & Development, at the request of the education and disability sections at UNICEF headquarters in New York, proposes a curated list of teaching and learning resources that could support both education professionals and families and parents of children with disabilities during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. It results from an online search done between June and August 2020. This revealed that resources for children with disabilities or focusing on inclusive education were often mutually exclusive, in a direct contradiction to international treaties. In addition, no high-quality examples were found that took a twintrack approach by considering both disability-inclusive and disability-specific needs. Therefore, while this catalogue was initially intended to collect high-quality, inclusive resources that specifically mentioned children with disabilities, the search evolved. This is now a collection of resources directed at children with disabilities plus resources that are broader in scope but can easily be adapted to children with disabilities. All the resources are, at least partially, open-source, and a note is made if payment is required.

All resources that are specific to children with disabilities are useful to all learners. An effort was made to find resources in a variety of languages and representative of various cultures and geographical locations. Most of the resources presented, however, are in English, and focused on middle- and high-income countries. The lack of resources in other languages does not reflect the quality of the resources but their availability.

This catalogue presents the resources in alphabetical order by title and is divided into three sections: (1) resources for teachers and school directors, (2) resources for parents and caregivers, and (3) resources for both groups. In addition, a list of keywords was generated for ease of use. In the current format, a simple term search with one of the keywords will identify at least one resource. Lastly, when available, the original summary of each resource is given, in edited form as needed. When no summary was available, one was created by the team.

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