Innovations on inclusive teaching practices


Selection Number: 1273980
Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

The IEI is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) in submitting proposals to explore innovations to build a better understanding and improvements in strategies, interventions, and tools that would contribute to inclusive teaching practices to respond to needs of children with disabilities. Teachers play a crucial role in making inclusive education a reality and activities under this call will focus on strengthening teacher knowledge, skills, and capacity.

Areas of interest under this theme include:

  • Pre- and in-service teacher education/training. Twin-track approaches could be applied in addressing training needs for all teachers, while considering professionals who may need targeted enhanced training. 
  • Coaching, mentoring, and peer to peer learning for teachers and education professionals, including but not limited to digital supports.
  • Utilizing play-based learning, use of accessible technology. Applicants are encouraged to consider principles of universal design for learning (UDL.) 
  • Multi-professional collaboration between teachers and a wider cadre of relevant professionals, and/or utilizing community volunteers. 

Innovations can come in many forms, including service delivery, resource allocation, availability and use of applications/tools/technologies, behavioral change interventions, and learning materials.


Selection Number: 1273980, IEI Innovations – Inclusive Teaching Practices

Please read through the concept note for further details: [ATTACHMENT]
Template to submit summary of proposed innovation: [ATTACHMENT]


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