The Cost of Raising a Child with Disabilities in Georgia. The Goods and Services Required for the Equal Participation of Children with Disabilities



UNICEF has been supporting the Government of Georgia to transform the system of disability assessment and status determination and to optimize social protection measures for children with disabilities. The study “The cost of raising a child with disabilities in Georgia - The goods and services required for the equal participation of children with disabilities” was developed by UNICEF Georgia to generate evidence in support of the Government-led transformation of the disability support system. Such evidence is critical to formulate a package of support that would allow for the effective matching of the needs of children with a more individualized support system.

The report provides information to better understand additional costs for families raising children with disabilities. These costs are incurred due to additional goods and services required (GSR) forchildren with disabilities to communicate, move around, go to school, socialize, play with peers, and perform all other activities necessary for a child’s harmonious development.

The overall objective of the study was to collect information on the range and type of expenditures needed to enable children with disabilities to participate equally in society. This was done through reporting on the additional goods and services that would be required for their full participation, and on current and required expenditures in the children’s given environment to meet their needs.

The study aimed to identify the GSR for children with various types of disabilities and different support needs, and the respective necessary extra costs for households. Then, the study sought to calculate the approximate range of costs for GSR for children with various types of disabilities and different support needs.

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