Light for the World Webinar 2

Date: Nov 29 2022

Time: to GMT


This webinar is the second in the series from Light for the World. It will be an interactive e-workshop format. The content will be most suited to teachers, teacher trainers and those involved with designing learning programmes or lessons.

The first webinar in October introduced inclusive education, universal design for learning (UDL), and education issues for learners who are deaf and hard of hearing. This second event will enable participants to look in more detail at the practicalities of using UDL when planning and designing lessons for all. It will be an opportunity to share experiences and ideas, and to focus on the importance of collaboration for UDL.

The event will be in English, with closed captions. Interpretation will be available in Amharic, French and Portuguese. International Sign Language will not be provided as LFTW country offices will be arranging interpretation for their participants as required

Key Area
universal design
universal design for learning


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