Language in the Early Years: How to Support Deaf Children in Developing Countries

Date: Nov 22 2022

Time: to GMT


For deaf children, learning to communicate is their first and most immediate challenge, and they need support with this from the start in order to thrive. The first three years of a child’s life are the most important for developing language, whether spoken or signed. However, for deaf children in low income communities, barriers such as late diagnosis, limited access to hearing technology and pervasive stigma, means they are very unlikely to receive the support they need. This has escalating consequences. Limited language skills impact a young child’s ability to build relationships, share experiences and be ready for school.

However, the work we have supported over the last twenty years demonstrates there are approaches that help deaf children and their families. Our expert panel will share perspectives and approaches from Kenya, Ghana, India and Bangladesh which help develop a young deaf child’s language and communication skills. Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers as well as spend time sharing and learning from each other in break-out rooms.

Key Area
deaf children
developing countries


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