Teacher Training Videos on Disability-Inclusive Education: Examples from Sierra Leone


The training lessons on inclusive education have been developed as a part of IEI-supported research in Sierra Leone exploring Innovative Approaches for Continuous Professional Development. This study led by Humanity and Inclusion evaluates the effects of teacher mentoring and support via a Community of Practice towards Disability Inclusive Classroom Practices. Aimed at teachers, these videos cover a range of training topics, including developing IEPs, to delivering inclusive lesson plans and providing individualized support in an inclusive classroom.

Video 1: Let's Prepare an Inclusive Lesson: Individualized Education Plans.

This video encourages teachers to use IEP to enable them to address learning needs for children with learning difficulties. It guides teachers on how to develop the IEPs as well.


Video 2. Let's Do an Inclusive Lesson: Teacher Communication

Communication being a key component in the teaching and learning process, teachers are encouraged to use effective communication strategies to enable learners maximize learning opportunities.


Video 3. Let's Reflect on The Delivered Lesson: Including All Children

This video concentrates on advocacy of mainstream teaching and learning. It discourages negative attitudes and discrimination towards all children including children with disabilities.


Video 4. Let's Prepare an Inclusive Lesson: Lesson Planning

To facilitate effective teaching process, lesson planning is vital. This video describes key components of a lesson plan and why its important. Teachers are encouraged to think about how to design lesson plans with disability inclusion in mind right from the beginning.


Video 5. Let's Do an Inclusive Lesson: Individual Help

Typically, children with disabilities who need help with their learning benefit if teaching is directed specifically to their individualized needs. This help focuses on the skills and knowledge the child needs to participate fully in the class.


Video 6. Video 6. Let's Reflect on a Delivered Lesson: Working Together

This video advocates for close working together between teachers and parents. Working relationships between teachers and parents of children with disabilities are essential in the development of learners and inclusive education in general.

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