How-To Note: Collecting Data on Disability Prevalence in Education Programs

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This How-To Note on Collecting Data on Disability Prevalence in Education Programming is intended for Missions, local actors, and implementing partners who are committed to improving access to safe, quality, inclusive education for all children and youth across the USAID Education continuum. Focusing on collecting disability prevalence data only, this Note is applicable to USAID Education programming in pre-primary, primary, secondary, youth workforce development, and higher education, and in formal and non-formal education. Further, this document provides important information on which tools allow an activity to report disability disaggregated data for standard foreign assistance indicators, as required in the Center for Education's Education Reporting Toolkit.

  • Missions should use this document to frame their approach to measuring disability prevalence in programming, to guide investment in further measurement and areas of research as well as budgeting for activities, disaggregating education outcomes by disability status, and as a discussion point with the local actors who drive evidence-generation for disability inclusive education.
  • Local actors such as ministry officials will find this document useful to understand USAID’s approach to generating disability prevalence data in education programming, which can serve as a foundation for mutual understanding and collaboration, and support local efforts to generate such data.
  • Implementing partners should adopt the perspectives and approaches espoused in this document and use it as a guide to measuring disability prevalence, tracking inclusion and identifying opportunities for greater participation in programs, and as a catalyst for their own innovation. Further, implementing partners may use this document to guide their disability disaggregation work for reporting on standard foreign assistance indicators.

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