BEC Launches New Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Video


In Education, One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all students learn the same way. Academic researchers have found that, just as every individual has their own fingerprint, every single student looks, sees, and senses instruction differently.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an education framework specifically designed to reach ALL students at the same time. That’s why, over the last 30 years — and with particularly explosive growth in the last decade — this new, evidence-based approach for learning has steadily gained ground. In fact, UDL has become experts’ preferred way to design learning experiences around the world and USAID is now requiring the UDL approach to be integrated into all new education programming.

BEC’s Gender & Social Inclusion (GSI) working group banded together with Brooklyn Story Lab to develop a quick-and-simple overview of this inclusive education approach. Our hope is that implementers, donors, school leadership, teachers, and others around the world will use this video to become better informed about UDL — and perhaps even implement it or encourage its implementation.



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