USAID: Disability Inclusive Education Toolkit


This toolkit provides guidance and resources for integrating disability into the USAID Program Cycle.

By: Josh Josa, USAID



  • How-To Note Disability Inclusive Education: Annex B may be used to guide USAID staff and partners in identifying opportunities to promote education programs, projects and activities that are inclusive of students with disabilities beginning at the CDCS stage.
  • Disability Inclusive Development 102: Mainstreaming Disability Across the Program Cycle and Beyond Course (available to USAID staff)
  • Staff in USAID's Center for Education, as well as those from the regional bureaus and other missions, can assist with helping to ensure that disability is considered and integrated into analysis starting at the CDCS stage, either by identifying tools or providing technical expertise if more detailed analysis of the country context is needed. Contact Josh Josa or Leah Maxson for assistance.
  • USAID has no standard approach to this analysis, but the Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Initiative Assessment on Education of Students with Disabilities in Jordan Final Report can be used as a guide. 



Key Area
disability-inclusive education


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