The Longest Lockdown


The findings reveal disabled children are not receiving support for their disability or medical condition via health services or their school placement. Parents report a detrimental impact of their child’s disability during a time of reduced level of informal and formal support at home during the pandemic. 75% of families reported delays to routine health appointments for their disabled child. Over half (51%) of families stated that these delays had a negative impact on their child’s condition. As a result of these delays, families reported additional problems with: anxiety and behavior (70%), sleep (66%) and loneliness (65%). More than 3 in 10 families (34%) felt their disabled child had depression. The situation is compounded for those children accessing support for their disability via their nursery, school, college or placement. 70% or more children could not access therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Physical or Physiotherapy, Play Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy or Music Therapy. 72% of families reported that their EHCP or SEN plan had been negatively affected during the pandemic, with 67% stating that they were getting some or none of the support detailed.

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