Chance for Childhood - Inclusive Education in Emergency Settings

Date: Dec 01 2021

Time: to London


Covid-19 has led to Uganda facing one of the biggest ever disruptions to its education system, causing devastating effects. These effects were felt even more acutely in poor, rural and remote communities and refugee and host communities.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the critical importance of providing accessible, inclusive education to all and what can be done to improve access during the current crisis. During the webinar we will be joined by a caregiver from the Kyaka II refugee settlement in Uganda to talk about their experience of caring for a child with a disability within a refugee community amidst Covid-19. We will also be drawing on Chance for Childhood’s own experience in designing and implementing our new programme, “EQUAL”, and the technical guidance presented in the paper titled ‘Promotion of Inclusive Education in Uganda during the Covid-19 Crisis’ as co-authored by Anslem Wandega, the Chance for Childhood Country Representative for Uganda with the members of the ‘Inclusive Education in Emergencies Task Team under the Education in Emergencies Working Group in Uganda.


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