Report Launch: “Believe in Better: Shaping the future through the meaningful engagement of young persons with disabilities”

Date: Apr 30 2024

Time: to EDT


This report was commissioned by the UN Youth Office, the Youth2030 Joint Working Group and their Task Team on Young People with Disabilities. This global research presents critical demographic and socio-economic data on young persons with disabilities and the intersectional forms of discrimination they experience in different contexts around the world. The report also provides strategies and recommendations for their meaningful engagement in decision-making spaces. UNPRPD is proud to be a contributor to the report and to supporting partnerships with organizations led by young persons with disabilities in programming to ensure their voices and perspectives are included.

Organizers: UN Youth Office, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Youth2030 Disability Task Team

Accessibility: Simultaneous interpretation to English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese and Russian. International Sign and CART will be available.

Please register before April 29 midnight EDT.

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