Inclusive Education and Early Childhood Community of Practice: Teacher Training Workshop

Date: Mar 01 - 02 2021

Time: to EST


Over recent years there has been an important global trend with education systems ‘increasingly moving away from identifying problems with learners and towards identifying barriers to learning.’ The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on students with additional learning needs and there is a risk that recent progress in approaches to teacher training and approaches to learning may be lost.

This workshop will look at the relationship between teacher training and inclusive education approaches. The plenary session will look at global trends as identified in the 2020 UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report and from a teacher training perspective. This will be followed by three interactive breakout groups that will each look at the topic through different lenses:

1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)/Psychosocial support
2. Teacher and Caregiver Wellbeing
3. Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Key Area
social support
early childhood development

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