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Global Public Goods

Support partners to develop research, evidence and resources to operationalize inclusive education.

In-Country Interventions

Invest in systems strengthening for inclusive education in countries of focus: Nepal, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Innovation Funding

Call for proposals to test and scale innovative interventions that address complex challenges.

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Country Highlights

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Allocation of USD 1.93 Million to conduct comprehensive mapping and review of resource classrooms and assessment centers, along with strengthen Education Management Information System (EMIS), technical assistance, and targeted capacity building.

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Allocation of USD 1.90 Million towards streamlining teacher recruitment and deployment, technical assistance to strengthen disability inclusion in ongoing projects, data collection and management, and innovation grants to Disabled People Organizations.

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Allocation of USD 2.0 Million to enhance quality of services under Inclusive Education Resource Centers (IERCs), strengthening Education Management Information System (EMIS), screening and development of inclusive pre-primary program.

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